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            ITS COMPANY

            Future development goals

            To become the world's leading supplier of fluorine products, the brand "Sanmei" has become a global brand in the field of fluorine chemicals.
            The brand focuses on the development of HFCs refrigerants, foaming agent varieties, and fluorine-containing high-purity electronic chemicals. Through independent innovation and cooperative research and development, the production ability and market foundation of the fourth-generation refrigerants, foaming agent products, and fluorine-containing lithium battery products have been formed, and the technology and market competitiveness of some fluorine-containing high-performance polymer products have been formed.

            Brand building objectives

            Innovate the method of marketing and establish the marketing network system which is suitable for the production capacity; increase the proportion of sales to end-consumer markets such as a vehicle, air-conditioning manufacturers, and automotive and air-conditioning after-sales markets, and establish a brand system belonging to "Sanmei” with good recognition, stable customer base, and brand reputation.

            Famous Trademark of ChinaOne of the top 500 Chinese petroleum and chemical enterprisesLeading enterprise in China's fluorosilicone industryZhejiang processing trade innovation and development demonstration enterprise
            Employee ActivitiesEmployee ActivitiesEmployee ActivitiesEmployee Activities
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